Sponsored Athlete-Chakera (CC) Ingram

Chakera (CC) Ingram 181/198 Raw and Classic Raw
Chakera CC Ingram is based out of San Diego, California training out of California Elite.  She started powerlifting at the age of 13 and has been making her presence felt over the last few years.  Outside of the gym, CC is an army reservist and college student looking to get her degree in education.
CC posted a 601 Wilks at the 2017 US Open which put her at #9 All Time Raw and Wraps .  In LA at the American Cup 2018, CC pulled a 601 deadlift giving her the largest deadlift of any female competitor in any weight class.  In the same meet she posted a 524 squat and 352 bench totaling 1479.3.  CC holds 7 All Time World Records in both the 181 and 198 divisions.  Last year, CC competed in the 2018 US OPEN and won the competitive women's division with a record breaking 664.9 Wilks.  She also set the all time squat record with 617lbs, a 364lb bench, and an all time deadlift world record of 607, giving her the all time total of 1587 at 173lb bw. Just weeks after her history making performance, CC jumped into a meet at the American Fitness Expo in Houston and reclaimed the 181 ATWR with a 540lb Raw Squat, and she pushed her Deadlift Record up to 622lbs which helped break the ATWR Total at 181 to 1525.  
We are extremely excited to have CC Holcomb on the Depth Squad as a Sponsored Athlete.
IG: @c.c_ingram