Sponsored Athlete-Meghan Scanlon

Meghan Scanlon (57/63kg Raw)

Meghan is the latest addition to our roster of sponsored athletes.  She competes in the 57 and 63 kg weight classes for the USAPL and resides in New Jersey.  In the USAPL, Meghan is ranked #2 in her weight class with the following numbers from Worlds in Sweden: 392 Squat, 254 Bench, 391 Deadlift, 1038 Total and a wilks of 549.  She is heading to Raw Nationals in Lombard, IL. with S2D teammate Christina Lazo.   Meghan also trains in olympic weightlifting and has some amazing IG content talking about nutrition, training, and other fitness related topics.  Be sure to check her out @megscanlift